Monday, 18 January 2016

Memorial Park at Loma Mar

We meant to go to Pescadero Creek Park today, to try and spot steelhead trout. We missed the turn for Pescadero Creek Park and reached Memorial Park instead. For future reference, Pescadero Creek Park is the turn before Memorial Park, when coming from La Honda.

Memorial Park has a $6 entrance fee for day use (self registration - carry change and a pen). Once inside, drive towards the camping areas on the right to find a restroom - the ones in the day use section are closed for repairs (and look like they have been closed for a long time).

The park itself is lovely, and with the current rains, was very, very wet - we were really thankful for the hiking boots! You can see how wet it was from these photos:

When we reached the creek, it was full! A welcome sight after the drought ..

We didn't actually get to see any trout, but we saw the usual suspects - banana slugs: 

and mushrooms:

Apart from another couple and the ranger, the place was deserted - though there were many picnic tables all over the place. Wonder if it gets more crowded in summer - certainly looked like a nice place to go camping in summer.

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