Saturday, 30 January 2016

Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve in Redwood City

Saturday started slowly today, with a lot of chores. By the time we were done, it was 2 pm and the sun had hidden behind the clouds. So we decided to stay on the Peninsula, rather than spend a lot of time driving and went to Edgewood Park in Redwood City.

We've been to Edgewood before, but the wet winter has changed it quite a bit. We remembered dry trails and lots of poison oak, and we saw lots of green grass and wet trails instead - a very pleasant surprise. The hike started well too, we saw a rabbit and some squirrels by the creek right at the entrance to the park :)

As you can see, the trail is distinctly greener:

We went along the Sylvan trail, and found a small waterfall on the way:

The flowers have started making an appearance too!

All said, a very pleasant hike. For families: there is a small visitor center with restrooms at the entrance. There are also restrooms in the picnic area. The parking lot is small and usually full, but there is plenty of parking along the road.

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