Thursday, 31 December 2015

Sunol Regional Wilderness

This one is about another East Bay hike - Sunol Regional Wilderness. Our hike started extremely well, we were greeted in the parking lot by many acorn woodpeckers. The sound of these birds pecking holes in the trees stayed with us through the hike (at least, the wooded part of the hike). 

We hiked along the fire road till Little Yosemite, at which point we headed up the mountain to a narrow, high but beautiful trail that looped back to the parking lot.

We saw evidence of horses, but no horses on the trail. An empty horse trough next to a dry creek bed made for an interesting picture:

Walking single file with the 5 y.o. in the middle - he's quite good about hiking and stays on the trail, instead of jumping about as is the norm otherwise.

You can just about see the parking lot from here.

In addition to the birds, we saw a lot of cows and calves. These were wary around humans, and walked off when they saw us approach. Chalk this hike to another one we want to repeat in spring, when the grass will be greener.

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