Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Global Winter Wonderland - Cal Expo, Sacramento

What to do on a cold winter evening while visiting Sacramento - go the Winter Wonderland at Cal Expo, of course :).

So off we went, dressed in our polar best - layers, gloves, boots, scarfs - to see the lights. It was beautiful - there were lit displays of castles, peacocks, an octopus, a train full of toys. There was a train of displays of monuments from around the world - Europe with Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Americas with the Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, Aisa - Taj Mahal etc.

While the picture speak for  themselves - the best part was the Circus of Light show - acrobatic acts on ice. This was just amazing with all the jump ropes, spinning plates,juggling hats with some laughs thrown in - all the while while ice skating.

After that we did wander around food stalls etc, but those were not very interesting and we were too cold to try the rides, which also looked very standard, so we opted for a drive around the city to see the Capitol and called it a night.

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