Saturday, 26 December 2015

Cascade Canyon Open Space Preserve

Christmas was yesterday, and we listened to the weather forecasts predicting rain and stayed at home. We definitely didn't want to spend the day indoors today, so after a late brunch we started off - the target was Cascade Canyon Open Space Preserve in Marin County. We started pretty late thanks to some last minute hiccups from yours truly, and reached our destination by 2 pm. As reported on, parking is very limited at the trail head. There is no parking lot, and you have to park along the sides in the very narrow lane. We were lucky, and found a parking space close to the trail head - another family was leaving as we came in.

The start of our hike was exciting, if a little mucky - a puddle near the entrance had a thin film of ice over it. A couple of other kids were in the middle of it, finding slivers of ice so the 5 year old went right in to fish ice sheets from the puddle. Kids have no temperature control!

After prying the 5 year old away from the ditch, we continued on the Cascade Falls trail. There are no maps (there is a QR code at the entrance that links to a map, but there is no phone signal in the reserve) but we followed the trail along the creek. It was quite pleasant to walk along with the sound of running water - you never realize you miss something till you hear it again.

The trees on the way in have a lot of moss - this area clearly gets a lot of water.

Our destination was the waterfall, which had quite a lot of water. We were glad to show the 5 year old the waterfall - growing up in California he sees more water fountains than waterfalls and often gets confused between the two! Hopefully, he will now remember which is which :)

After reaching the waterfall we turned around - no animals or birds on today's hike, but a fun one nevertheless. The ice and waterfall made up for the wildlife we didn't see :)

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