Tuesday, 1 December 2015

California State Railroad Museum - Sacramento

This thanksgiving we decided to spend some time in Sacramento and visit a family favourite - the California State Railroad Museum. Trains are a family favorite and this museum has 83 beautiful engines in great condition, together with their history and anecdotes that make it come alive.The museum opens at 10am, is in Old Sacramento and there is a $10 entrance fee for adults and none for kids 5 and under.

I suggest you start with the movie, followed by the guided tour - about 1 hour in all. The movie is  about how the trains came to America and the early changes they brought, then the screen lifts and you follow a  guide into the museum to see the rest. The gold rush, foreign labor, land acquisition, in migration, time zones - all of this and more woven into the railway story. After that you can continue and walk through many of the coaches and engines from the earliest trains to the ultra modern Velaro coach. I found the private coaches very enchanting - complete with monogram linens and crockery - what a romantic way to travel.

On the 2nd floor there is a play place - full of toy trains to see and to play with. Next door to the museum is the original Huntington store - where you can walk through and see what was on offer at the time of the Gold rush.

There is also a train ride - its starts from a block away in Old Sacramento and travels about a mile and back along the American River and back. They also have special theme rides like the Polar Express ride - which sell out well in advance - so book early if you're interested.

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