Monday, 12 October 2015

San Andreas Trail & Tule Elk Reserve

We wandered north to Point Reyes for hike #24 to hike on the San Andreas Fault Trail near the visitor center. As hikes go, this one is certainly very tame - nicely asphalted and stroller friendly. But along the way there are many signs explaining seismic activity, in terms that kids can understand. So the small walk became a longer one, since we stopped at each sign. Along the way, we passed the fence that jumped 21 feet and other interesting bits. The visitor center is quite elaborate, with a large number of stuffed animals and birds. A bit macabre I think, but fortunately little children are made of sterner stuff (I mean, think of the children's stories you heard of as a child!)

After the hike, we went to the Tule Elk Reserve, but the 5 y.o. was sleeping in the car so we just stopped by the road side to take some photos of the elk:
We wound up the trip by going to Drake's beach - there was a sand sculpture contest there on the day and it was fun to see all the castles.

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