Monday, 12 October 2015

Lands End & Sutro Baths, San Francisco

This blog hasn't been updated in a while - the 5 y.o. has started kindergarten and our weekends have just exploded. We are still hiking, but we haven't had time to update the blog much. I'll try and catch up on some of the hikes with photos and brief descriptions, and then get back to the regularly scheduled program :)

Hike 22 was a relatively easy one - we went back to Land's End near Ocean Beach. We had aging grandparents with us, and we didn't want steep climbs. The 5 y.o. led us on the way up from the ruins of Sutro Baths, much to the amazement (and amusement) of the grandparents.

After the hike we spent the rest of the day in San Francisco, doing touristy things like Pier 39 and Chinatown.

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