Monday, 20 July 2015

Point Reyes Lighthouse

Hike 20 of the year was the Point Reyes Lighthouse - more driving, less walking, as it turned out. The drive there was beautiful, especially Lucas Valley Rd. We were targeting the lighthouse because we have seen whales there before, and were hoping for a repeat performance - didn't happen though :(

The parking lot at the lighthouse is always full, but we were lucky and managed to find parking along the road close to the entrance. The hike itself is very easy - it is a walk on a paved road all the way to the lighthouse steps. On the way we saw quite a few deer, even a mother and baby, just a few feet off the path.

There are 300 lighthouse steps and you cannot take a stroller down, so families with toddlers - be prepared to carry the kids. The 5 y.o. had done these steps on his own when he was 3, so he did them quite easily this time too. Unfortunately, only the base of the lighthouse was open, the way to the middle level was closed and so we couldn't get a very clear view of the lens itself. From the lighthouse, we saw plenty of birds, but no whales.However, the deer and assorted bugs made the 5 y.o. quite happy :)

For families: there are a couple of restrooms at the parking lot, and a few more close to the lighthouse stairs.

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