Monday, 6 July 2015

Pescadero Marsh Preserve

After a really busy Friday and a busier Saturday we were debating whether to head out on Sunday or stay in. A quick vote, and apparently, no one wanted to stay at home - so we headed to Pescadero Marsh Preserve. Following Jane Huber's detailed information, we parked at the middle parking lot (no fees!) and walked along CA1 towards the beach. This walk is separated from traffic by a low wall, and once you cross the bridge walk east under it to see the trail head for the marsh. Interestingly, there is a lot of driftwood around, and many attempts to build shelters using these.

W.r.t the weather, we were lucky - the day was warm but not sunny (since this trail is mostly exposed) - but we were unlucky in our choice of month, there weren't too many birds. That was made up by the abundance of wild flowers - there were also lots of wild berries to be seen.

Note that the start of the trail involves walking through sand, so wear appropriate footwear. The 5 y.o.'s hiking shoes still let in sand, so we had to stop a few times to tap it out.

The trail itself is beautiful, something that we hadn't expected (I didn't really know what to expect of a marsh). The noise from CA 1 stops bothering you after a bit, and you can take in the beauty.

On the beach itself, where we started out - there is a cave! We didn't explore it - the tide was coming in and we weren't dressed for wading through water. But it will be a destination some other time.

We did walk to the top of the cave though, and were rewarded with some rather interesting formations:

For families: there was a pit toilet in the parking lot, but it stank and we didn't go there, having stopped at a Taco Bell in Half Moon Bay.

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