Friday, 12 June 2015

Tafoni at El Corte de Madera Open Space Preserve

Last weekend we went up to El Corte de Madera again - we still wanted to reach the Tafoni, and it was a really hot day - El Corte de Madera has some of the more shaded trails around here.

Unlike last time, we hit Skyline from CA 92 and just drove South. There are three possible entrances - one is near Skeggs point (there is also a bit car park here), one with a restroom previously described here and one in between the two mentioned above. It was this in-between one that we stopped at - the Tafoni is about 1.5 to 2 miles from here.

Unlike the last time, the trails were dry this time so we didn't see much wildlife apart from birds till we reached the Tafoni. We did find hazelnuts on the trail though - and when we finally reached the sandstone, everyone, especially the 5 y.o. was thankful for the break (it was a really hot day!). Luckily, the sandstone is pretty impressive:
The small red figure at the base is out 5 y.o. who raced up ahead of us. Up close, the carvings on the sandstone are pretty cool (impressive, I mean - proper grownups don't use the word cool) :)
We hung around at the observation deck for some time, and then started back. On the way back, we saw a garter snake.

The snake was exciting when the 5 y.o. first saw it, but has raised some worries about rattlesnakes in his mind so our next few hikes will strive to be a little less exciting :)

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