Monday, 29 June 2015

Pillar Point

This post is a week late, we've had a busy couple of weeks. After the last reported hike when we saw a snake, we needed to find a simple, easy hike. Pillar Point seemed to fit the bill. The directions on were slightly inaccurate (or I misread them), but the turn we had to take was the one after the Capistrano intersection traffic light - if you reach the airport you've gone too far. Incidentally, the roads that take us to the parking lot reveal a slightly different flavour of Half Moon Bay, which is interesting.

The trail to Pillar Point is just over 1.2 miles, with the harbor on one side and a cliff face on the other.

When we reached the beach, the 5 y.o. spent a happy couple of hours playing in the sand :) One interesting point - the harbor seems like it would be a good place to kayak for a beginner - it is protected, and should therefore be a little easier. Something I will keep in mind when we eventually make the move to kayaks ... :)

Not much more to write, as I said - easy flat 1.2 miles one way. We saw a couple of hares from the parking lot, and pelicans and ducks at the beach.

For families - the trail is flat and easy, reasonably stroller friendly. There are a couple of pit loos at the entrance, not particularly clean. But the walk is fun, and you can let kids run ahead without worries.

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