Monday, 23 March 2015

Laurelwood Park in Hillsdale

Hike 9 was a subdued affair. The 5 y.o. wanted to go to a play area, so we decided to go to Laurelwood Park - half a mile from the entrance is a play structure. Our plan was to let him run around there for a while, eat lunch, and then hike inwards into the park. Unfortunately, it rained so we didn't hike much - the total distance walked was about 2 miles, including the walk to the play area.

The park looks good though - the walk from the car to the play area was along a small creek which had water. The 5 y.o. and I climbed down to the water and looked for bugs :) The play area is also quite good, with clean rest rooms and plenty of picnic tables. The trails start at the end of the paved bits around the play structure. We had just reached the uphill bits of the trail when we turned around due to rain, but I have been here before on a bicycle (on my own) so I can confirm that the trail is quite nice.

We'll probably go back here - the combination of a hike and play area makes everyone happy! Till then, I have just a couple of photos:

And next time it looks like rain, I'll carry some rain gear - even if this is California :)

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