Sunday, 15 February 2015

Water Dog Lake, Belmont

This one is really close to where we live and yet, or perhaps because of it, we had never been there on of our weekend hikes. And since our 5yo with the active social life had a party to go to that evening, we decided to visit Water Dog Lake Park.  This park is in Belmont, on Lyall Way off Ralston. Its a densely residential area, and there is only street parking, so you may have to walk a bit to get to the park entrance.

 For the first mile or so, you will continue to see apartments and houses along and above the path, but soon you come to a downward road leading to the lake lake. There are a couple of trails around the lake of varying lengths, and very popular with cyclists. This park is also very popular with Dog owners as dogs are allowed in the lake and its fun to watch them having fun. We also saw a couple of kids fishing in the lake and they actually caught 3 fish while we watched!

While this is a simple walk, things to look out for include - poison oak, rattlesnakes, mountain lions and no restrooms.

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