Thursday, 15 January 2015

Stulsaft Park in Redwood City

So last Sunday was our 2nd hike in the year ( in keeping with our New Year Resolve to hike more.  As the weather seemed a bit hazy, we decided to revisit an old favorite, albeit one we have not been to in more than a year - Stulsaft Park at Redwood City.

Parking is  a bit of a challenge, as you have to park on the street - Far Hill Boulevard- but since we went there after lunch we were able to get a spot. This park has a 2 level play area right off the street, and that's where we started out - as our almost 5yo made straight for the slides. After a couple of minutes of play we convinced him to get on with the hike, promising that we could come back to the play area at the end of the hike.

Leading off from the play area is the hiking area - some beautiful wooded hiking trails with a year round stream - the Arroyo Ojo de Agua whcih drains part of the Redwood Creek. There are a couple of trails leading to 2 amphitheaters and a large playing field for soccer perhaps (?) We chose the Silver Hill trail and soon were climbing up and down some easy slopes along the creek to a beautiful picnic spot - complete with a a gap in the trees for plenty of sunlight and 2 picnic benches. So we took a snack break with our 5yo and then headed on, but we had almost reached the end of the trail at Silver Hill Road.

Throughout the open woodland area, you will see beautiful specimens of Madrone and  Toyon or Christmas berry shrub. We also saw some hummingbirds and have prevously seen many blue jays. After the rains we had in late December there is green grassy cover, some budding branches and a couple of toadstools. A good time to visit a beautiful park. Of course, we finished back at the play area as promised. 

A few points that parents will be glad to know:

1.There is are rest rooms - one near the pay area and another near main picnic area at the start of the trails.
2. Two play areas - one for lil kids and one for bigger ones, with picnic tables at both.
2. There is an off leash area is in the trail section of the park.

Warning - there have been sightings of a mountain lion and cub as recently as Jan 12, 2014 - so please check the park website for information and safety guidelines before you plan to visit.

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