Sunday, 4 January 2015

Alpine Pond at Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve

Today was our first hike of 2015 - part of a New Year's resolve to hike more. Ideally every weekend, though that will be occasionally be subject to the whims of an increasingly independent almost 5 year old. We went hiking around the Alpine Pond after parking at the Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve parking lot, and then continued for a while on the Ipiwa trail. We did 2 miles in all, 1 mile out and one mile back - our almost-5 can do that comfortably.

It was a really nice walk - we saw deer and (to the almost-5's disgust and interest), some mountain lion poop. Some photos:

Pass under the road towards Alpine Pond from the parking lot - lots of echoes, parents are advised to walk fast :)

Alpine Pond and a closed-for-the-season Visitor Center.

Walking is fun!

View from the Gene Sheehan point - we turned around at this point.

A few points that parents will be glad to know:
1. There is a rest room in the parking lot, and another one at one end of the pond.
2. There are picnic tables near the pond, and this area is wheelchair accessible - so strollers are not a problem.
3. Most of the trails don't allow bikes or horses, so walking is easy.

Happy New Year!

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