Monday, 3 November 2014

Review of Worlds of Fantasy at SAP Center, San Jose

As we enjoy watching ice skating we decided to catch the Worlds of Fantasy show at the SAP Center,  San Jose. I went online on Ticketmaster and bought tickets for the opening night - which price wise was a bargain at $15 per head. Unfortunately though the seats I picked were not so good - while on the seating chart online they looked like first level stadium seats, they were in fact almost level with the rink, and so the little ones couldn't see very well :(. As always there are lots of unhealthy sized drinks and expensive toys to buy, so its best to have a plan for that going in else, you may have an unhappy time.

The show was totally about 2 hours long and had 3 segments and a short intro. The inro was based on the Cars theme and was nice but very short, highlighting Mater. The next one was about Ariel - here the show started well and the highlight was the music, which really started to engage the audience. The next segment was about Tinker Bell - and this is when the audience really joined in. The props and dancing was good and this show had the best visuals. There was a 10 minute interval after which there was the Toystory segment. This had all the characters, but the the sets were not great and it was not as much fun.

Pros - they allowed food to be brought in unlike the last time, there were less loud vendors in the stands.

Cons - poor sound quality, show transitions seemed a bit haphazard and rushed.

All in all a bit of a let down, specially as the last one we had seen Dare to Dream at Stockton Arena - was really good.