Monday, 11 February 2013

Review of Dare to Dream at Stockton Arena

This weekend we had a special treat planned - we were going to see the Disney on ice show - Dare to Dream - Disney on Ice. I've always been a fan of ice skating, and so had bought tickets online early last month for an afternoon show at Stockton. We started off after lunch on Sat - this way we - better half and me had a peaceful drive through the beautiful California countryside while 3yo had his nap. We passed rolling farms, with sheep and cows out to graze, majestic hills and lots and lots of windmills.

Once in Stockton the GPS will guide you to the Stockton arena easily enough and there is paid parking available at $ 15 for the duration of the event +1 hour. There is also $10 parking available in a lot opposite. The weather was cold and windy, so best dress warmly  in layers. Also no outside food or drinks are allowed in, except baby food - they check the bags at the entry together with your tickets, so leave any food/ drinks behind in the car. Entry in is quite quick in spite of long lines, and once in you are in a world of Disney…merchandise that is. From wands and lanterns that light up and spin, to Mickey Mouse dolls and photo opportunities. Most of the items are prices between $12 to 20, so be prepared :). Similarly lots of food vendors once you are inside with buckets of popcorn, cotton candy, iced lemonade again in the $12-20 range. The atmosphere inside is like a fairground - with vendors calling and lots of kids and toys and a party all around.

The lights dim and the show begins - with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald waving to kids and introducing the show. First a short skit based on The Frog Prince, then Cinderella and finally Tangled - the story of Rapunzel. It was a good show - intricate footwork, great facial expressions and a nice lively tempo. The volume was on the high side, but it allowed all the kids to be as noisy as they like without spoiling the music or effects for all the rest of us, so it was ok. Tangled had the best effects and the 2 main characters Rapunzel and Van Ryder were not just good but also looked like they were enjoying themselves too. Needless to say most of the kids were having a very happy time, especially all the little girls all dressed up as princesses. If you have a little princess and want to make her feel extra special, consider buying rink side seats - then she will be part of the show too, the grand duke will try her foot for the glass slipper, or she will get a chance to float a lantern for Rapunzel... :)

Altogether a worthwhile experience, though the next time I go I will definitely look for tickets that are discounted online, closer to the show dates.

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