Friday, 26 August 2011

Review - Godrej locks

We got a Godrej tri-bolt lock. The lock itself looks good .. but I must say, the Godrej service was extremely poor.

I bought the lock around the end of June. Fitting the lock is a free service provided by Godrej. I called up the Godrej helpline and requested that the lock be fitted. I was given a request number, and told that the servicing person would call before he came. Well, that didn't happen. He came suddenly during office hours, when, obviously, I was in office. We talked over the phone, and he agreed to come the next day. So I stayed home, but he didn't show up. Hmm. Called him, and he said he was far away, in Kengeri. Agreed to come on the weekend, when, predictably, he didn't show up.
I called up the main office in Bangalore after that. The person who picked up the phone said he would look into it and call back. No calls. This was getting to be quite irritating.

After this, I was quite busy, so through July, I called the Bangalore office once every week, and got the usual false promise. I was sort of giving up on the lock by now. Finally, mid-August, I called up the main call center to register a complaint. I couldn't! The call center operative who took my call said he could put in a reminder for the local cell to complete the work, but he wouldn't take a complaint. I then called up the Bangalore office, and was told that because the request was so old, they had closed it. By now I got mad. I had to start shouting, and after that I called repeatedly for one and a half days till they sent someone home to fix the lock.

To summarize, the Godrej locks service was terrible. I wouldn't repeat the experience.

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