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Correcting a birth certificate in Bangalore

I've just managed to get my son's birth certificate corrected. His birth certificate didn't contain the parent's middle names, so the passport office wouldn't accept an application for his passport. The birth certificate correction process was long and painful - so I'm going to document it here, hopefully someone will find it useful.


1. Go to the hospital where the child was born, and ask them to update the parent's names. Also ask them to give a letter addressed to BBMP, listing the correction in the name. The hospital will ask for your id proof, submit copies of your passports.
2. If your child is less than one year old, then go to the birth registration office where you applied in the first place. e.g., for Mallya hospital babies, this is the Shantinagar office. If your child is more than one year old, then all records are moved to the main office - this is the BBMP office next to Upparpet Police Station, Majestic, Bangalore. My son's case fell in the second bucket, so I went to the main office.
3. Get the application form (its the same as a fresh application), and submit it with the following documents:
     - hospital letter
     - your passport photocopies
     - your school certificate photocopies (should have the same name as passport)
     - affidavit stating that name is incorrect, correct names are blah blah (I'll try and upload the format we used later)
4. Submit all these when putting in the application for the name correction. The clerk accepting the form may return one or more of the above documents, stating that they are not required. Ask her to add them to the file anyway - when the case comes to the proper official, all these documents are required.
5. Go on the appointed day to collect the birth certificate (after 3:30 pm). If you are unlucky, you will have to meet the head of the department who will have some extra requirements - if you are lucky, you can collect it from the ground floor.

That completes the steps, now for the story.
I got the letter from the hospital, and went to the main BBMP office. Completed the form, and tried to complete the application. Was told that parent's school certificates are also required, passports are not sufficient id proof (!!). So I went the next day with school certificates. The clerk who took the application returned the school certificates, said they weren't required. A little frustrating, but what the hell, at least the application was in. The due date was 15 days later.
15 days later, I went there at 10:30am. Was told to come after 3:30pm. At 3:30pm, the certificate still wasn't ready - I was asked to meet the department head. He informed me that the records hadn't been shifted from the Shantinagar office yet, so he couldn't do anything. I'm afraid I lost it a bit. Asked him, isn't this the main office? Yes. Aren't the records supposed to be here? Yes. Then how can you ask me to go to a different office after 15 days, and start all over again? I'm trying to apply for a passport in a hurry, and this isn't helping! He looked at the changes requested again, then said that if I came on Monday or Tuesday with our school certificates (!) and a joint affidavit, he would accept it and make the changes. Even gave me his cell number so I could call him before coming. Now, I couldn't do anything on Monday (I need to go to work occasionally after all!) so I got the affidavit done on Tuesday. Called him from the Koramangala BDA complex, and he said he's on leave, come Wednesday at 3:30 pm. Aargh. So I went there at 3pm, and he didn't turn up till 4:20! Quite a crowd had gathered by then. After waiting my turn, and reminding about my case, finally, at 5:10pm, I had the corrected birth certificate. No bribes, 5 visits to the BBMP office, and I finally had the corrected document. Phew!

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  1. hi
    thanks for the info, i am stuck with the same problem, can you help me in getting the affidavit or the format atleast.
    the clerk is asking for notary sign on all photocopies , did you do the same or you just showed the originals .
    please help me

  2. I am also facing the same issue of middle name missing from the fathers name. My local birth/death certificate office told me to go to BBMP office next to Upparpet Police Station, Majestic. He didn't told me about the whole process you mentioned. It's really painful process. It looks like we are leaving in stone age in spite of all modern techonology innovation.
    It will be really helpful if you provide the format of the affidavit.

  3. We are also in the same fix...little do they realize that other people's time and money and efforts are also important. I have been trying to get my daughter's BC done since last november..passport office says that middle name of father missing hence cannot process the application. Went to BBMP office in Uparpet...filed all the forms and documents required...head of dept does not come one in office knows when he comes so if one goes to the office at 10.30 they have to wait till he comes at 3.30 or 4.00...ridiculous@@!!! Have been to the uparpet office like 5 times...have to go again today hopefully to meet the guy...and get the BC issued....

    1. Good Luck! Doesn't look like things have improved much. When you get to the office, hang around near the entrance to his office - when his ludship does arrive, whoever rushes in first gets served first. There is no queue or token system.

  4. Thanks for the informative article. Does affidavit need to be on stam paper or can be on plain paper? If stam paper then value required? Thanks

  5. got the BBMP certificate issued (has some uniqueID) but now I want the child's name to be added in. Age is slightly more than a year - some folks mention upparpet office, some links mention Mayo Hall Statistics Division.

    Can somebody confirm if Mayo Hall can do this this name addition?

  6. I'm not really maintaining this post anymore - just passing the comments through. Questions and answers from folks who did this recently will help anyone visiting this post.

  7. Thanks for this article. I went to the birth registration office in Malleswaram, since my child had not yet finished 1 year. The person at front desk told me bring a letter from the hospital indicating that my name was not provided completely. The original hospital letter along with two proofs (Passport & Aadhaar) indicating the correct name, were handed over. The original birth certificate needs to be returned as well. They generated the new birth certificate within 30 mins. No affidavit or school leaving certificate. :)

  8. Hi Prakash,
    You make me feel light hearted about the process :)
    My kid's birth certificate needs mother's name change. 8months old now.
    The hospital suggested to reach out to the registration office in Public Utility building, MG Road.
    Do we need to tag along the mother and child for this process?
    Also what is the complete expense for this thing?

    thx in advance for the help.

  9. I daughter is 3+ Yr old and I need to get her name changed (no correction). Con you please confirm is the process is going to be same or some difference. Please help. Thanks in advance.

  10. To be honest, I have no idea. If I were to guess though, I'd say yes. This blog post has become quite a reference, judging by the traffic and comments - so I'd appreciate it if you added your experience to the comments - it will help other visitors to the blog.